Rumiñahui Project

Salazar Resources owns 100% of Rumiñahui project that covers a total area of 2,910 hectares of prospective Au-Cu-Ag. The Rumiñahui property is located about 100 kilometres northwest of Quito.



Located approximately 100 km northwest of Quito

Two concessions that cover a total area of 2,910 hectares of prospective Au-Cu-Ag targets

Gold values from rock chip and channel sampling have returned grades of up to 2.7 g/t Au over 55m, 3.4 g/t Au over 8m and 1.3 g/t over 9m

The Rumiñahui Property was originally explored by informal placer gold miners. While traversing along the San Francisco River the informal miners discovered a large shear zone with narrow quartz veins with high gold grades up to 18 g/t gold and accessory copper and silver. In general this property has under gone very preliminary exploration work that consisted only of limited mapping (on going) and sampling of one old gold prospect (San Francisco Anomaly) and a new quartz sulphide vein (Sune Anomaly), which is about one kilometer south, with interesting gold, copper and silver values.

San Francisco Gold Anomaly

The Curimining geologists collected 109 rock chip channel and composite samples principally along the outcrops that are exposed along the San Francisco River and the Quebrada and other small tributaries. The total area prospected is about 100m X 100m in an area explored by earlier prospectors who did not leave any written record of their work. The assay results have identified three single channel gold anomalies in the bedrock.

  1. The main anomaly (55m of 2.76 g/t Au) is found along the central part of the area on the east side of the river and includes an area under cut by Tunnel 2 (excavated by previous prospectors). In this area Newmont in 1997 collected a channel sample over 50m that assayed 3.8 g/t gold.
  2. A smaller anomaly (8m assaying 3.04 g/t Au, 0.11% Cu) is found on the west side of the river in an area under cut by Tunnel 1 (previous prospectors).
  3. About 50m to the northeast, also on the east bank of the river, is a gold anomaly 10m wide grading 1.33 g/t Au.